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MoU Signed between Wenzhou Central Hospital and Wenzhou kean University for Identifying Environmental and Genetic Factors of Parkinson's Disease (PD) Progression through Machine Learning"

publish:2022-04-26 22:37:08   views :1028
publish:2022-04-26 22:37:08  

During the implementation of this project, Parkinson's disease patients need to complete a series of scales to investigate their socio-demographic data, disease severity, motor symptoms and drug treatment complications, depression, cognition, etc. after signing the informed consent form: Pictures, videos, and audio information should be collected at the same time when evaluating the scale. The domestic genetic resources preserved in the process will not be exported and will only be used for this research, and legal responsibilities will be investigated for violations.

During the implementation of this project, Wenzhou Central Hospital provided clinical data of Parkinson's disease patients (patient demographic and sociological information, disease-related information, patient videos, pictures, audio and other materials), and Wenzhou-Kean University provided later data analysis and processing, The two parties jointly declare various scientific research platforms and projects (funds) at all levels. 

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