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AI enabled Prototype to identify the patient-specific treatments to preserve vision for persons with diabetes.

publish:2022-04-26 13:36:55   views :549
publish:2022-04-26 13:36:55  

The uncertainty of sight loss from diabetic retinopathy has dropped dramatically over the past few decades with advancements in medications like laser surgery, intraocular drug delivery, diabetes and blood pressure medications.  But, diabetes remains to be a vital cause of blindness. This proposal compiles a novel idea in diabetic retinopathy analysis and contributes a prospect on possibilities for future studies.The new findings of the pathophysiology of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy provide a prominent control in metabolism.The more outcomes can be predicted using Structure-function analyses and intraocular drug therapy.The core objective of this proposal to develop a prototype to detect and quantify vision loss and also to provide patient-specific treatments in a better way using Artificial  Intelligence Techniques. Through this, it is possible to conserve eyesight for diabetes persons and as well as to diagnose the patients upon their needs.

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Dr. Sujatha Krishnamoorthy
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