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Early Detection of Parkinson’s through Handwriting Analysis

publish:2022-04-26 13:36:24   views :1046
publish:2022-04-26 13:36:24  

Here are about 11 million Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor patients in the china , with approximately 200,000 to 3 million additional people per year being affected by this disease. Our work supports a larger research initiative to help this population. Although various treatments/therapies exist to help improve tremor conditions, it would be valuable if we could detect these conditions in the earlier stages of their development. Our team has discovered that this early detection can be achieved through handwriting analysis. The promise here is that patients’ handwriting can be analyzed so that the initiation and progression of the disease, as well as interventions on the disease can be quantitatively tracked. The purpose of our work is to identify if our method of analysis is a reliable resource for observing patients’ handwriting.

We have determined which re-imaging methods yield suitable data for patients to send in their handwriting samples.

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Dr. Sujatha Krishnamoorthy
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