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publish:2022-04-25 21:43:56   views :448
publish:2022-04-25 21:43:56  

Improving the accuracy of early Detection of Haemorrhage from diabetic Retinopathy image.

   A group is working on this research . a detailed survey was conducted to detect the impact of diabetic Retinopathy  studies.The study has been converted as a research paper .

  Based on the study of the Retinopathy images I initially developed a method to improve the accuracy  of early detection using the regression .Keeping that has the base the group working on the various methods. We proposed a method with to detect the abnormality  of Retinopathy images.The work has been converted to paper and  submitted to the journal and accepted in a reputed journal  Soft computing with the impact factor of “ 3.64” 

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Dr. Sujatha Krishnamoorthy
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