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E Waste Management

publish:2022-04-25 21:43:30   views :450
publish:2022-04-25 21:43:30  

The  project is related to E waste management.The literature was reviewed based on the game theorem. An algorithm is was developed to evaluate the  second hand sales price based on gaming theorem.The second hand recycle price is calculated based on the market value and  enterprise sales rate .This work is converted in to paper and the paper has completed the major revision and waiting for  final decision. Proof Attached in Appendix section1.

Based on the course of our undergraduate  courses a routing algorithm was proposed for the collection of e waste management.Thaizhou has plant of e waste collection centre based on the data availability and the literature study a new dynamic routing algorithm is proposed for collection of the e waste which will  be efficient and cost effective.    

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Dr. Sujatha Krishnamoorthy
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